Segment #2: Barak's Paranoia- pages 59,62


In the gap between page 27 and 59, the author mainly elaborates on different failures of Barak with regards to his people management skills. Haim Oron is cited saying, concerning Barak's weakness, 'He who has troubles in math, makes sure he has a calculator nearby' implying to Barak's reluctancy to appoint a prominent political advisor (Drucker mentions the appointment of Roni Bondi as one which didn't 'supply the merchandise' and left Barak without an effective political advisor, as Barak, in his words, was no politician).

This part also deals with the importance of polls to the coalition building process. These polls are attributed in the book to Dori Shadmon who is regarded as the pollster of the coalition building process.

The segments translated below relate to the hiring of the Greenberg team, prior to the campaign, and the 'confidentiality madness' that surrounded their nomination. This is another reflection of Barak's weaknesses.


"Exposed to the Tony Blair team in London, Barak decided to hire the services of an American team of advisors, who had successfully worked for the English PM. After deciding to hire them, Doron Cohen explained the new rules, on behalf of Barak: 'We ask the team to keep the whole 'American advisor deal' quiet. From now on, Stanley Greenberg will be referred to as 'Autumn' and James Carville 'Baldy'.

Barak's schedule became packed with meetings held with 'Autumn' and 'Icy'. The modus operandi of the team bore resemblance to an espionage movie"