Segment #11: The Collapse of the Coalition – Going to Elections – 349-360


The final chapters of the book focus on two main issues: the second intifadah and the consequential re-negotiation attempts, culminating in Taba, and the preparation for elections in the Labor Party. Greenberg is referred to in both these issues – as a key advisor, who was turned to in key moments. Nevertheless, opposing Greenberg's advice, Barak went on to perform a series of fatal errors that are described by Drucker as 'Politicide'.


[With regards to the decision to call elections and the prospect of that he would again win the party’s nomination for PM candidate]:

"Gaon and Greenberg presented Barak with his concurrent options. They bravely presented the option of stepping down and returning in a few years. Barak: "This is no option for me. I suppose the real battlefield is to confront Sharon. Why should his record and personality make him a leader and not me? He's 'beatable', and everyone knows he's a danger to the world".

[Concerning Barak's persistence in seeking to be the Labor candidate for the elections, at the expense of Peres]:

"Barak recruited any 'card' he could find in the attempt to win over Peres in the party. He called for Moti Morel, who was Peres' employee. Morel refused. Barak also 'hooked up' Greenberg and Yossi Sarid in a phone conversation, in which Greenberg clearly said that Barak has no real chance of winning the coming elections, though Peres has non either".

[As elections approached..]: "Greenberg's campaign polls indicate that the gap between Barak and Sharon is as much as 20 percent in the general public (24 percent in the Jewish public)".