Interview in Haaretz: Netanyahu's most hated journalist speaks: The threats, the PIs, and what he really thinks of the P

25 בדצמבר 2016

Raviv Drucker tells Haaretz that he doesn’t fear Netanyahu’s propaganda campaign against him, even though he once needed security personnel to guard his home. By Ayelett Shani Dec 25, 2016  Netanyahu's campaign against Raviv Drucker, his least favorite journalist 'It's fun, I enjoy it': Netanyahu on attacking journalists on social media Opinion Drucker reports fueling […]

Why Is Everyone Ignoring Boogie?

10 בינואר 2016

It happened during one of Channel 10’s countless crises. The channel’s representatives trudged from minister to minister in search of someone who would dare to go to the Prime Minister and convince him not to close the organization down. I was not there, but from what I understand all the ministers were friendly and some […]

A Response to Tzipi Livni

12 בנובמבר 2015

Tzipi Livni was offended by my article on the illusions she sold us. She responded to me by saying that I am only a political commentator and I am biased and I am arrogant to think that after five minutes in a room with Mahmud Abbas I’d have an agreement signed. Fine. I get it. […]

Ben-Dror Yemini’s Obsession, My Obsession

11 בנובמבר 2015

The journalist Ben-Dror Yemini of Yediot always seem like a reasonable man. I never understood him, but he seems reasonable. I never understood what compelled a journalist to write an opinion piece that 99% of his Israeli readership would agree with though it was directed against an international community that would never read it. It […]

You will not believe what Aryeh Deri was busy doing on his First Day as Minister of Finance

11 ביוני 2015

Translated by Ari Heistein A few days ago one of Aryeh Deri’s guys called me.  He wanted credit where credit was due.  Did you see how we changed the policy regarding publishing the names of businesses that have a heter (permission) to work on Shabbat (Saturday)?  Just yesterday the minister heard about this and immediately instructed that […]

Yair Lapid hasn't earned a second chance

4 בינואר 2015

Let’s start with the positive. From his current position of weakness, Yair Lapid is putting up a fight worthy of a true campaigner. If only Moshe Kahlon were more like him. But whereas Kahlon meanders half-paralyzed from one public gathering to another, Lapid fires in all directions. To his credit, Lapid didn’t try to avoid […]

Why are Israeli politicians silent on corruption?

28 בדצמבר 2014

Surely you have heard the resounding response of prime ministerial candidate Isaac Herzog to the massive investigation into alleged corruption in Yisrael Beiteinu. Who hasn’t? And there’s no need bore you by repeating the pointed remarks by his running mate, Tzipi Livni. No surprise there. She has always been on the side of integrity, since […]